A popular dog park is on Indy's north side in Broad Ripple Park. This canine companion zone is fenced and around 4 acres. The park has a swimming pool, trails, tennis courts, picnic shelters, and a playground. There are many trees for shade and access to restrooms and water.2nd Pay the debt! It's almost impossible to save money, you stop the monthl… Read More

Some may wrinkle their foreheads, but definitely brings the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is so universal. The western Christmas cards I send out make my friends think about the idea. Traditional Christmas cards have an unmistakable Scandinavian flavor - you see they all have thick forests, snow, pine trees, reindeers, sledges, Santa wearing thick… Read More

Scenario 3 - Your first two cards are AKs (s = suited), AQs, AJs, A10s, KQs, KJs, K10s, QJs, and borderline hands Q10s, J10s. These are the playable hands for a straight draw because the cards can lead to a flush as well. If your two cards are not suited I would not play the two borderline hands. They may also lead to top pair with a high kicker. A… Read More

Often, your own home offers a good environment for many different age groups. Although, if you know preschool children will be attending you may want to put up your breakable items. If you live on a second floor, give some thought to whether or not senior guests will have trouble with the stairs.Many people try to close their account by logging int… Read More

The last round was a testament to Marquez's will to win and beat Pacquiao. He attacked with determined and definitive aggression. Pacquiao looked tired and wasn't connecting with much. He seemed to be playing "keep away" and simply wanted to finish the fight and go to the scorecards. Pacquiao's initial charges in the round did not have the same pop… Read More